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Mini Memories Tag Book

Susie Cannon Moore assembles a mini scrapbook which features photos and embellishments that work together to create a theme.

Project by Susie Cannon Moore from Arlington, Texas.

Susie's book features photos and embellishments that work together to create a themed mini book.


cardboard for front and back covers
4 sheets 8-1/2" x 11" cream card stock
patterned paper
brown ink pad
rubber stamps
hole reinforcers
small circle hand punch
decoupage medium
foam brush
metal embellishments
labeling gun
premade paper embellishments
Scrabble tiles
3-D lettering stickers
acrylic tiles
alphabet stamps
mini envelopes


1. Cut 3 " x 5-1/2" rectangles out of tan paper. Use six pages for this book.

2. Adhere rectangles back to back. Trim corners to make the rectangles into tags.

3. Punch a hole at the end of each tag. Adhere a hole reinforcer over each hole.

4. Edge each tag with brown ink to simulate an aged look.

5. Rub ink pad over each tag in various directions until each tag looks aged.

6. Randomly stamp each tag with various stamps.

7. Tie ribbon through reinforced hole at the end of each tag.

8. Punch holes in each page with anywhere hole punch.

9. Cut two 3-3/8" x 6" rectangles from cardboard for covers. Trim corners to make each rectangle into a tag.

10. Use decoupage medium to adhere patterned papers to front and back covers to decorate. Inside covers can be decorated and adhered with regular adhesive (not decoupage medium).

11. Apply decoupage medium over the decorated covers and set aside to dry.

12. When covers are dry, distress them using a sanding block and also ink edges with an ink pad.

13. Line up covers with inside tags and mark where the binding holes need to be. Punch holes with an anywhere hole punch.

14. Bind covers and inside tags together with lengths of various ribbons.

15. Use cropped/matted pictures for each page and add various embellishments, journaling, titles and stamping to continue the theme of your book.

16. Age embellishments to advance the aged feel of this book. Use ink, chalk and distressing tools.

17. Create a title for the cover with patterned paper, mat and apply to cover.

18. Clip the back from a metal brad. Attach the brad top with an aggressive adhesive.



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