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Photo Backpack

Diane Macrae makes one-of-a-kind backpacks with plenty of pockets and a photo.

Project by Diane Macrae from Seattle.

When Diane went to buy a handbag as a gift for a friend, she was discouraged by how expensive they were. This friend of hers was a knitter, and it occurred to Diane that maybe her friend would appreciate a bag more if it were handmade. And so her photo handbags and backpacks were born! These one-of-a-kind photo backpacks are stylish and classy, yet very strong and durable. The kitschy backpack’s highlight is the sock monkey motif; it's also loaded with pockets, making it a very practical yet fun bag.


black, red high-quality vinyl
paper-backed fabric for a home printer
clear vinyl
100% cotton fabric lining
nylon Ripstop fabric
seatbelt-style webbing
metal "D" loops
magnetic snaps
sewing machine
shrink plastic label


1. Download photo onto computer. Edit photo and crop if necessary. Print photo onto special paper-backed fabric that can run through a home printer.

2. Measure and cut fabrics needed for backpack. Cut pieces for the front, back, pocket and top flap. Also cut additional pieces in other colors for the accent pocket.

3. Cut "window" on vinyl piece where photo is to go.

4. Sew photo-fabric piece to vinyl for the flap. Apply shrink plastic label underneath photo image.

5. Sew novelty fabric to flap; then install male part of magnetic snaps to inner flap.

6. Continue sewing all the pieces together to make body of bag, including outer pocket with zipper and card pocket with logo, which is done the same as the photo part.

7. Measure and cut strapping. Burn the edges of strapping to prevent potential unraveling.

8. Attach slides to straps to make them adjustable.

9. Continue bag assembly with grab strap, flap and key clip strap.

10. Sew up the pockets and attach to lining fabric.

11. Sew up lining. Attach lining to body of bag.

12. Turn the bag right side in. Top stitch around opening of bag.

13. Install female part of magnetic snap to body of bag.

14. Stitch up lining seam.


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