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Front Porch Sanctuary

A busy mother of four gets a front porch makeover surprise from her sons.


Gioconda Aviles has four boys — Julien, Christian, Aidan and Dylan — and nowhere to rest after a busy day. To give something back to their mother who does so much, the boys decide to surprise her with a front porch makeover.


They enlist the help of host Susie Coelho, designer Brian Toffoli and the Outer Spaces team to transform their messy front porch into a serene and colorful country sanctuary that is unmistakably Gioconda. A grand entrance to the home is created with fresh paint that highlights the door panels and large matching topiaries in colorful pots.


Giaconda has been given a lot of furniture and outdoor accessories over time, but some of the pieces have seen better days. She also needs a more inviting seating arrangement for her kids and company.


Billowy fabric panels define the porch while the freshly painted furniture softened with pillows and blankets is arranged to spark conversation. A planter full of herbs will yield homegrown tea leaves.

ceiling fan (Orchard Supply Hardware)


    • Vinyl letters from Paul's Neon Signs
    • Stained glass panels from Stained Glass Supplies
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