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Family Room Redo: From Cluttered to Casual and Contemporary

The clutter in this family room is calmed with a casual, contemporary design.

Designer Nadia Ramirez and host Joan Steffend calm the clutter in a family room with a casual, contemporary design.

$42 - Paint
The walls are painted a light beige color to coordinate with the homeowners' existing furnishings. (Valspar - Wicker Chair 41-23)

$28 - Window Treatments
Light green sheers diffuse the light streaming through the windows and add subtle color around the room. (Pier 1 - Green Envy 200-6489)

$119 - Rug
A jute rug adds texture to the wood floor. (IKEA - Tistrup Jute Rug)

$51 - Slipcovers
The homeowners' existing sofas are updated with solid-color slipcovers just on the seats.

$40 - Pillows
Four pillows add more comfort to the sofas. (Pier 1 - Pillow Rib Khaki, 1922598)

$65 - Bookcase

Carpenter Jeff Meyer builds a bookcase out of pine, stains it dark and backs it with flashing for a contemporary touch. Two chairs are set in front of it to create a small library area.

$13 - Stereo Shelf
A thrift-store end table is painted black and made mobile with casters to turn it into a small stereo shelf.

$30 - Bench
A garage-sale iron bench with a bamboo painted finish is placed under the front window. A trio of chair pads are used to cushion the seat. (IKEA - Ritva Chair Cushion, 70069703)

$5 - Reading Lamp
A reading lamp is set on the bookcase. (IKEA)

$18 - Hanging Lamp
A light kit, small shade and outdoor mobile come together for a whimsical hanging lamp. (IKEA - hanging lamp, 40019234; shade, 90063205; mobile, Konfektyk 08046900)

$16 - Glass Sconces
Glass sconces are enhanced with paint to bring a touch of unexpected color above the mantel. (Jo-Ann Fabrics - 3451326; paint - 7367527, 3861135, 3861069)

$28 - Accessories

$455 - Project Total

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