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Romantic Bedroom Getaway

This master bedroom makeover comes with full-bodied, bold hues.

Chris and Bill wake up every morning to pink walls they've come to loathe after 16 years. A sentiment reinforced when the son of the now empty-nesters returned from university and called their bedroom "the most horrifying room in the whole house." He could not believe they could live with the sickly rose-colored walls for so long. Her son's opinion resonated with Chris and now that the kids have grown up and life is a little quieter, she wants to make the necessary changes, but can't imagine any other color in the room. While the idea of a sitting area under these massive windows is nice, the chairs are worn and the white vertical blinds are cold, making the whole look a bit tired.

Chris would like to move toward a romantic and peaceful palette that reflects the relaxed lifestyle they live now. The couple certainly has no fear of color and is drawn to full-bodied and bold hues, which reflect their personalities. This is where host Jane Lockhart comes in to help them achieve a whole new look.

Hello luxury, opulence and romance. Rich red walls highlight the existing gold bedding and dark wood flooring stands up nicely to the bold wall color. Bronze-colored silk drapes soften the angles of the windows and tie into the stunning wood furniture the couple have enjoyed for years. The purple chairs lend a regal air to this area and are a perfect way to enjoy the entire space.

paint (walls: Raspberry Truffle; ceiling: Thousand Islands) (Benjamin Moore, Canada)

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