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A Home to View

Masses of green hid this house from the street. The makeover provided meticulous detail and a colorful entrance.

Kit and Corinna Albert head up a large bustling family, and their backyard and pool keep them well entertained. Most of their home's interior has been refinished, but the front yard is crying out for a much needed makeover. A monstrous green hedge hides the view of the house from the street, and the yard is dominated by large masses of green. The Alberts would like to create a truly welcoming and colorful entrance to their home.

The Albert family wants some front-yard curb appeal to match the renovations they meticulously made to the inside of their home. Up to face this challenge are designers Barry Garfield and Susan Ciufo and landscape designer Mark Sutter.

In his proposal, Barry Garfield presents a new curving walkway that is framed by two sets of pilasters and a grouping of stairs. He also includes a fountain with submersible lights as a focal point of the garden. Susan Ciufo envisions a formal courtyard entry that also includes a centerpiece fountain. Her design finishes off the courtyard with a new wrought-iron entry gate. Mark Sutter reconfigures the walkway up to the house using a beautiful red brick pattern. He also will replace the existing brick on the patio so that all the materials will match seamlessly. For his fountain piece, Mark proposes a southern, romantic look.

After a discussion with the kids, Kit and Corinna ultimately decide that Barry Garfield's plan is the ideal choice.


The Albert family now has a yard than can be seen and enjoyed from the street. They love how open and usable the new yard has become. The stairs and beige brick pilasters create a welcome entryway for guests and friends. The black fountain provides the main focal point and contrasts well with the many splashes of colors from vibrant plants that are placed throughout the walkway.


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