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Contemporary + Rustic Living Room

Purple walls are banished from this bachelor's living room.

Designer Sara Trosen and host Joan Steffend transform a living room filled with hand-me-down furniture into a contemporary, rustic space.

$30 - Paint
The purple walls are painted a wheat color to start the contemporary design.

$70 - Copper Piping
Copper piping is hung from the ceiling around the perimeter of the room to hold draperies and artwork. Copper elbows hold the pipes together in the corners. Instead of hanging the artwork from more copper piping, the pictures are attached directly to the wall with the piping used behind them as an illusion.

$104 - Silk Drapes
Brown and gold silk is stitched together to create drapes. (silk fabric, drapery rings: Jo-Ann Fabrics)

$21-Vinyl Floor Covering
Trosen uses latex paint to create a cow pattern on the back of a piece of vinyl flooring, applies a coat of polyurethane then cuts it out with rounded edges.

$14 - Pillows
The homeowner's sofa from the sunroom is brought into the space and altered slightly with new back pillows. (fabric: Jo-Ann Fabrics - herringbone pattern burlap)

$50 - Chair

$8 - Armoire
The homeowner's armoire is altered with a new shelf to make it usable as an entertainment unit.

$127 - Accessories
(green gourd vase: Cost Plus; Buddha sculpture: Target - World Bazaar; table lamp: IKEA; large red vase: Jo-Ann Fabrics; throw: IKEA; dish: IKEA - Hultet)

$424 - Total Cost

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