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Wooden Ledge Window Topper

Tips for desiging a funky window shelf.

Materials and Tools:

1x6 and 1x12 pine lumber
circular saw


1. Cut the 1x12 back plate to the desired length using a circular saw and a guide. Set the guide in place; rest the saw plate against it, and then make the cut.
2. For the cut detail, draw the desired design onto the board and cut it out using a jigsaw.
3. Cut a 1x6 shelf a couple inches shorter on both ends than the 1x12 to give it some separation from the back plate. Soften the two front corners with a slight curve using a jigsaw. The shelf will be attached to the lower portion of the back plate to provide a background to highlight all the accessories.

4. To support the shelf, attach pieces of 1x6 cut to size to the top of the shelf and the back plate using screws (drill pilot holes first).

5. Prime and paint the shelf as desired, allowing it to dry between layers.

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