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Bachelor Pad Dining/Living Room

A new furniture arrangement and a swanky color scheme turn these two rooms around.

The living and dining room in this bachelor pad is in dire need of a designer touch.

A new furniture arrangement and a swanky color scheme turn these two rooms around.

Design Details
Kristan Cunningham, Dave Sheinkopf and Spencer Anderson come together to solve the over-abundant seating problem and infuse the room with a hip attitude.

Furniture - $237

  • New pieces include a coffee table, a pair of side chairs and a custom dining table and entry table made by Sheinkopf. (chairs: What's In Store; coffee table: Out of the Closet)

Lighting - $233

  • A trio of funky chandeliers light up the dining area, while a new floor lamp adds ambiance to the coffee shop-style living room. (chandeliers: Santiago’s Thrift Shop; floor lamps: Linens 'n Things - Moroccan Amber, 404758321644)

  • Cunningham covers up the dated '80s sconces with her own custom shades. She creates the frames out of punched metal then lines the insides with cardboard. Black trim finishes off the rough edges.

Fabric and Window Treatments - $230

  • Ruby-red drapes jazz up the dining room, new throw pillows help coordinate the colors in both rooms and the furnace is covered up with a fabric skirt affixed to the new wall-mounted console table. (curtain panels: The Linen Outlet - Manhatten, 813584; pillow fabric: Jo-Ann Fabrics; window panels: Wal-Mart - 002992721904)

Accessories - $216

  • Cunningham makes beaded curtains to add even more interest to the windows. She drills small holes into a 1x3 board, creates the beaded strings, then threads the string through the holes in the board and knots them to secure.

  • New area rugs add even more color and help define the two rooms. (floor rugs: Ariana Trading Co.)

  • Anderson uses terra-cotta tubes (normally used for drainage) to create unique wine storage. He builds a mahogany box and secures it to the bottom of an office chair. The tubes are set inside the box to hold wine bottles.

Paint and Supplies - $82

  • The living room walls are painted burnt orange and the dining room walls are painted navy blue.

Project Total - $998


    • Furniture from Santiagos Thrift Shop
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