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Retro Home Office Redesign for Less Than $1,000

Aqua blue walls liven up a home office for this family of five.

A mosaic art piece — made by the homeowner's parents — is used as the inspiration in this home office bringing the room together with a retro style full of fun colors.

Before, this home office wasn't working so the family of five wanted the design team to remake the space into an area they could enjoy.

Here's how Lee Snijders, Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge bring the '50s design to life.

The walls are painted aqua blue to coordinate with the color in the mosaic art piece.

The team brings in vintage furniture pieces such as a roll-top desk, arm chair and ottoman and two vintage Herman Miller side chairs. Summer updates the ottoman with canary yellow vinyl.

Lee gives the room more '50s flair with vintage desk accessories, table lamps and a turquoise phone. A circular rug jazzes up the floor.

Charles makes two hanging light fixtures out of card stock. For each light, he cuts out 20 circles and folds each in three sections to form a triangle in the center. All but one of the pieces are glued together on the flaps to create one spherical shape. The remaining piece is cut in the center to accommodate the pendant fixture light fixture. The card stock is put in place with hook-and-loop tape so that it can easily be removed when it comes time to change the light bulb. (Burbridge uses a low-wattage light bulb so it doesn't overheat the card stock.)

Makeover Information

Furniture - $610
(Herman Miller chairs, roll-top desk: Nick Metropolis; fabric: Jo-Ann Fabrics - 5959259 light yellow)

Accessories - $248
(rug: IKEA - Ringum; various desk accessories: IKEA)

Paint and Supplies - $65

Lighting - $75

Project Total - $998

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