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Under-the-Sea Bedroom

Watch as one young boy's bedroom is transformed into a creative under-the-sea fantasy room.

See hosts Matt Fox and Shari Hiller create a fantasy under-the-sea adventure in a little boy's bedroom using sea-blue walls, giant fish and a treasure chest. They also pick up ideas from Eric Phythyon on what he thinks will make his room seaworthy.

Matt and Shari are starting with a blank canvas in this boy's room. It has plenty of furniture in excellent condition, but the arrangement needs to be more interesting.

Angling the bed opens the room up and the watery bedding and window coverings enhance the sea theme.

Painted walls that take one below the sea, swimming fish and a blowfish mirror certainly make you feel like you're surrounded by all the fun and whimsy of the ocean. A simulated boat bottom attached to the ceiling uses the room fan as its propeller.

Makeover Information

bubble lamps, white lamps with blue shades, wastebasket, tissue box, seat cushion, wave sound machines (Linens 'n Things)
glass vase, night light, frames, fish bowl, star knobs, blue boxes on shelves (Target)
bedding (Watercolors Collection by Alexander Julian) (Linen Source)

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