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Swanky Billiards Room

This couple ditches the traditional living room for a pool table. See Kenneth Brown's unique design.

Martin and Akieva fell in love on a date while playing a game of pool. Now that they have a new house and a new baby girl, they want to transform their unused, traditional living room into a stylish billiards room. In order to completely transform the space, Kenneth Brown proposes starting with some minor construction, including updating the fireplace with new tile and adding wall units around the fireplace to de-emphasize it. He then wants to bring in rich colors, upholstered walls and beautiful fabrics to make the space intimate. Although suffering from a little apprehension about combining so many different patterns, colors and textures, Martin and Akieva are excited to proceed with the project.

Since the large room is directly off the entryway, Kenneth uses draperies in the wide doorway to create a soft "wall." He says using the panels will help buffer the space from the entry and create an air of mystery as to what's around the corner. He uses the same fabric for Roman shades on the back windows to tie the look together.
Since the room will be a party spot, he upholsters the walls with gray flannel and batting to muffle the sound. The darker color will also make the room feel more intimate.

To help de-emphasize the fireplace, bookcases with bench seats are installed on either side. This brings in more storage and additional seating without taking up space in the room.
A patterned carpet in a neutral color helps perk up this minimally furnished room. The subtle pattern works well with the mosaic tile grid on the fireplace and the neutral color ties in with the palette of the patterned fabrics.

Kenneth and Akieva complete a do-it-yourself photo project using a computer, scanner and printer. They scan some of Akieva and Martin's family photos, change them to black and white, then print them out on vellum paper for a more artistic look. Changing the color photos to black and white and then framing them in black and white creates a uniform, balanced look on the back wall.

Makeover Information

Civilization - Belting black round table
Cisco Brothers - leather chair
(Crescent chair with nailheads in Montecito Brown)
Ann Sacks - custom fireplace tile
(Bisazza glass, Madagascar)
Jeffrey Stevens - drapery fabric (Stroheim and Romaine, 6643N-0346)
Pindler & Pindler - bench fabric
(7901 Eagle, color: Burgundy); pillow fabric (7904 Birdie, color: Brown)
Interior Illusions - game table and game set
(burl pedastal game table 9952, finish: #7 Calais); game set (wood and metal 20156, finish: ivory and walnut)
window treatments - Designs by Bonnie Price
accessories - Colburn Schwartz, Inc.
custom cabinetry - Showcase Inc. Custom Cabinetry
area rug - Carpet Design, Inc.
wall upholstering - Dean Robert Jones


    • Custom cabinetry from Showcase Inc.
    • Carpet from Carpet Design
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