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Zen-Like Master Bedroom

These homeowners need help transforming their boring master bedroom into an earthy, Zen-like retreat.

Michael and Lisa Greene have been updating their home for a while, but the master bedroom needs the most TLC. They've put their faith in student designer Mary Carel who plans to take their blah room and create an earthy, Zen-like retreat by raising the office area six inches, staining the concrete floor, removing the existing textured wall treatment with a new one and filling the space with personal mementos for a relaxing atmosphere.

The headboard made of closet doors doesn't fit the new design direction and the current color scheme isn't very comfortable. The homeowners think their bedroom is boring with ugly textured walls and the mismatched furniture is also a big problem. They would like a meditative space reminiscent of a Zen garden.

The view to the office is boring and the homeowners would like that area to appear more separated than it is now.

A new platform bed with a recycled window blind inserted in the headboard along with soothing green walls (with a new vertical texture made using a wet broom) sets the tone for a relaxing and inviting space.

An interesting combination of green with a punch of turquoise on the bedding lends a soothing yet interesting tone to the room.

Raising the office area and installing plywood flooring defines that part of the room, while a comfortable chair and bookcase make it even more functional.

Makeover Information

folding chair (Royce), wood blinds, mesh lantern (Shilpi) (World Market)
armoire (Target)
*We regret that paint specifics are not available

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