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Home Office Cleanup

A couple seeks help making their office space more inviting and functional.

Chris Conde and Renee Dubois live in a warehouse that has been converted into loft apartments. Their home office/guest room is 15 feet by 29 feet and packed to the brim with clothes, office supplies, skin-care products, papers, books and memorabilia.

They would like for the room to be organized and functional, but they can't seem to make it happen on their own. Enter professional organizer Monica Ricci.

Home Office
The desk and file cabinet were covered with paper and clutter, surrounded by boxes of more clutter on the floor.

This shelving unit full of books and skin-care supplies for Renee's business was in the middle of the floor.

Guest Room
The open area adjacent to the desk was filled with a hodgepodge of furniture and unpacked boxes, leaving no room for a guest to stay.

Monica helps them sort through all of their belongings, pushing them to categorize and purge every last thing in the room. Once that's done, she lays an organizational plan that includes establishing three main zones — Office, Guest Room and Entertainment Area.

Together, Monica, Chris and Renee have successfully turned a cluttered, unattractive storage room into a multipurpose room with beauty, serenity and functionality that nobody wants to leave.

Home Office
Now it is accompanied by several new bookshelves and additional file cabinets, putting this home office in good working order.

Now all those items are neatly organized, clearly labeled in bins and stored in an enormous former closet area.

Guest Room
Now there is a clearly defined guest room, including a hideaway bed (far right with mirror), that is a relaxing spot for visiting family or friends.

Entertainment Area
Behind the guest area, a new bookshelf holds books for pleasure reading in the entertainment zone.

Makeover Information

Product from Living Canvas Creations:

water feature

Product from Zooscapes:

concrete floor treatment

Products from Rugs Direct:

bamboo area rugs

Products from Alluminaire Lighting (called 2x):

pendant lights, wall scones, floor lamp

Product from Inova:

Wall Bed

Product from Hydra Designs, Inc.:

glass-top hydraulic coffee table

Products from Smart Furniture:

display/bookshelves, low tables, couch bases

Products from Levolor/Kirsch:

window treatment

Product from Improvements:

Seagrass room divider screen

Products from Lillian Vernon:

Maize trunks (one set of two)
Black Daily Organizer

Products from Sure Fit:

two Sage/Khaki pole-top panels

Products from The Container Store:

two archival photo storage boxes
three document boxes in Natural
three letter boxes in Natural
three cassette boxes in Natural
four Snap-Up record boxes in Black
three Clear sweater boxes
three Clear deep sweater boxes

Products from Linen Source:

two microsuede duvet covers--twin size, Moss Green
seven microsuede pillow shams--standard size, Moss Green
seven polyester fill foam pillow forms, standard size


    • Water feature from Living Canvas Creations
    • Bamboo area Rugs from Rugs Direct
    • Light fixtures from Alluminare Lighting
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