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Organized Kitchen

This couple has a budget of $50,000 to completely transform their kitchen into a functional space the whole family can enjoy.

Mark and Marlene Widawer have lived in their ranch-style home for 10 years and have wanted to remodel it since day one. They would like to completely redo their kitchen and entryway by bringing in new floors, cabinets and appliances to increase their storage and organization.

With a budget of $50,000, this will be a challenge for three Los Angeles area designers.

After meeting with all the designers, the Widawers choose Cheryl Jacobson to redo their space. Jacobson brings the couple's out-of-style and poorly laid-out kitchen into the 21st century, simultaneously giving a small facelift to their adjoining bathroom.

They love how the woods complement each other, the wireless/charging area, the additional storage with the cabinets and the "crazy piece" and the mural of their kids that will always remind them of this time in their lives. Ultimately, Jacobson made the wait worthwhile by transforming their long-neglected kitchen into a contemporary space that provides function and family fun.

Makeover Information

cabinets – International Cabinets
custom TV and storage cabinet –
Thea Segal Designs
stainless double oven (KEBC208KSS), cooktop (KGCS1666SS), stainless hood (KICU285HSS), stainless microwave oven (KOMS155MSS), stainless dishwasher ( KUD101SS) –
EZ Kitchen & Bath
garden window (GLW-GW) –
Remodel USA
tile –
Marble & Tile USA


    • Custom cabinets from International Cabinets
    • Garden window from Remodel USA
    • Marble and tile from Marble & Tile USA
    • Custom TV and storage cabinet from Thea Segal Designs
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