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How to Build a Hexagonal Table

Add interest and function to a bedside table or chair. Follow these step-by-step instructions.


pine lumber panels
table saw
carpenter's square
router with an ogee bit
wood glue
brad nailer (or hammer and finish nails)
speed square
circular saw
decorative trim


1. Purchase pine panels wide enough to cut the table legs out of. Cut the six legs to width by setting the table saw blade at a 30-degree angle and make two passes on each side of the board.
2. Before assembling the legs, add a little cutout to the bottom of each. Draw the design using a compass and draw three small circles. Use a carpenter's square to draw a line from the circles to the bottom of the leg. Cut the design out using a jigsaw with a scroll blade attached.

3. Use a router with an ogee bit to add even more detail (figure A). Put two legs together using wood glue and a brad nailer. Continue until all six legs are attached.

4. Use the same pine paneling for the top. Draw a hexagon design using a ruler and speed square to match the 30-degree angle of the legs. Make sure the top is large enough to hang over the legs about two inches. Cut along the lines using a circular saw.

5. Attach the legs to the top using small cleats attached to the inside of the legs (figure B). Set the top into position and secure from the outside using a brad nailer.

6. Add detail trim around the outside edge of the tabletop and rectangular boxes in the center of the legs to give the illusion of raised panels. Cut the trim to length using a miter saw, and then attach each piece with glue and nails.
7. Prime and paint the piece as desired.

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