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Young Adult Bedroom

A little boy bedroom grows up with a new teen-friendly design.

Before: Little Boy Bedroom
Fourteen-year-old Calder Block has a bedroom that hasn't grown with him over the years. The design team of Lee Snijders, Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge take on the task of updating this teen's room to reflect his mature personality.

After: Contemporary Blue Room
Shades of blue on the walls, bedding and furnishings bring about a cohesive, grown-up look. The furniture is painted and repositioned in order to take advantage of the entire space. Cool storage pieces, a new lighting system and contemporary accents give this room a snazzy look perfect for a sophisticated teen.

Furniture - $442

  • New furniture includes bookshelves, a matching chair and ottoman, a pair of ottomans and a small table for chess. (chess table: IKEA - Eksji side table, 20032694; stools: IKEA - Knoppe, 80034077; stool covers: IKEA - Knoppe, 40063477 blue; ottoman: IKEA - Poang, Navy 91004205; chair: IKEA - Poang, Beech, navy 71003805; bookshelves: IKEA - Billy, gray)

Accessories - $181

  • Burbridge creates display cases for some of the young boy's awards and special collections, the middle of the room is softened with a new rug and the dresser and desk are updated with new contemporary hardware.(rug: IKEA - Gray 4000060; hardware: Pro Fit Cabinet Hardware - Nickel BP Amerock19011-SS / BP19012-SS)

Lighting - $175

  • A wall-to-wall cable system gives the room ample light and contributes to the contemporary style. (lighting: IKEA -Jagare, 14821)

  • Snijders combines contemporary wall sconces with stained wood back plates to match the furniture. He cuts three eight-inch square bases out of finish-grade plywood and sands the edges. He then centers the sconce on the wood, marks the position of the holes, removes the sconce and drills into the wood. He also drills a third hole into the wood for the wiring to feed through. A coat of stain finishes it off. (sconces: Lowe's - Home Trends, glass/metal 197829)

Paint - $107

  • Two walls are given a paint treatment to simulate a plaid pattern. The walls are taped off in a grid pattern and a clear acrylic matte medium is brushed on the seams to prevent the paint from bleeding underneath. Next, each square is painted a different shade of blue and the space between the tape is painted gray. The tape pulls off to reveal a white border. (paint: Mark's Paint Store - Benjamin Moore Anchor Gray 2126-30, Big Country Blue 2066-30, Blue 2066-10, Daisy 2062-40, Old Navy 2063-10)

  • The existing furniture is unified by painting a gray inlay on the sides of each piece.

Fabric - $94

  • Baltzer creates all-new bedding, including bolster pillows made out of bed sheets for a couch-like bed. To create the pillows, she cuts and sews together three pieces of fabric, wraps piping in fabric and sews the piping onto the edges. She then cuts out two navy blue circular shapes and sews them onto either side. After she stitches on a zipper she stuffs the new cover with a foam bolster. (sheets: Linens 'n Things - Varsity, 085989307425 white; foam bolster: Glamour Fabrics)

Project Total - $999


    • Hardware from Pro Fit Cabinet Hardware
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