Creating a Space to Share

Two sisters need help making their room a place that suits them both.

  • The twin beds give each sister her own space, but the floor between them is covered in Nikki's stuffed animals. The girls have to climb over them to reach their beds.
  • The shared desk, chest of drawers and dresser take up too much floor space and are so covered in clutter that the girls don't even know what's there anymore.
  • Organizer Jen Doman has split the room into a pink side for Katrina and a blue side for Nikki, divided by a rolling storage unit. Fold-out beds for each conserve valuable floor space (which is now showing off beautiful hardwood flooring instead of carpet).
  • Since there was no room, the girls had to share a desk.
  • A more streamlined desk with storage underneath allowed for two desks instead of one.
  • The sliding doors to the closet were broken, and there isn't enough room for the girls' things.
  • Now Nikki and Katrina have their own closets. Curtains that incorporate colors from both sides of the room hide them from view when not in use.
  • The TV didn't have its own designated space because there wasn't any room.
  • Now the components are housed on the wall above both girls' living quarters so they have equal access and visibility. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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