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Living Room Makeover: From Predictable to Charming

A small loft living room is given a new look with a new arrangement.


Redesigners Mindy Greenberg and Jackie Davis bring character and charm to a New York City apartment by changing the predictable furniture arrangement to fit the homeowner's artistic and creative lifestyle.

  • The sofa and chairs are angled off the wall and a rocking chair is brought in adjacent to the sofa to visually balance the arrangment.
  • A round table is placed behind the sofa, the writing desk is set behind the chairs and the bookcase is placed on the short wall opposite the windows.
  • The coffee table is used as a TV stand, replacing the high-tech unit that was there before.
  • Black and white prints are clustered on the wall around the silver television.
  • The bookshelf contents are rearranged according to size, color and theme for a more interesting effect.

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