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Spanish-Inspired Den

Design team turns home office into warm, inviting space.

Rocio Cordoba and Rob King have a large room that's in need of a makeover. They need it to function as an office but they don't want it to look like one.

Currently, it's colorless and devoid of style and certainly not somewhere they want to relax.The designers decide to bring in color on the walls, use vintage floral fabric for much-needed color, add rustic iron accents throughout and make it more inviting with additional seating. The existing furniture is repositioned for a more visually-appealing layout.

Furniture - $320

  • New furniture includes matching bookcases for the landing, new chairs and an ottoman. (chairs: IKEA - Steveda, 0035127 / 16139; chair: IKEA - Agen, Bamboo 50058376 / 16139; ottoman: Marshalls - 015593889; bookshelves: Lowe's - Bishop library, 95555)

Lighting - $297

  • Host Lee Snijders adds paint to rustic iron lamps and a grand chandelier to draw attention to the details. (lamps: Lowe's - Rust rod 213018; chandelier: Lowe's - Foyer, 149122)

Fabric - $180

  • A floral barkcloth is used four ways to unify the design. In addition to creating window treatments and throw pillows, design coordinator Summer Baltzer enhances the border on a sisal rug by attaching the fabric with iron-on fusible webbing. Lee cuts floral pieces out of the remnants to decorate the lampshades. (fabric: International Silks)

Accessories - $125

  • An iron wall hanging is placed above the desk. (iron wall hanging: Mainly Seconds)

Paint and Supplies - $75

  • The walls are painted a light yellow-green color to brighten up the space. (wall paint: Mark's Paint Store - Benjamin Moore, 2146-50 Rain Forest Dew)

  • Design coordinator Charles Burbridge accents a corner with a painted floral mural inspired by the fabric. He makes black and white enlarged photocopies of the fabric, uses tracing paper to get the pattern onto the wall then fills in the design with paint. (paint / mural: ICI - blue 1297, pink 43, brown 160, majenta 40, white 769, tan, 519, turquoise 1234, yellow 98)

Project Total - $997

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