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Clever Electronics and a Safer Saw

See a saw that automatically stops when it senses a finger, a ceiling fan that heats and other clever innovations.

Safer Saw
Accidents involving table saws account for many trips to the emergency room each year. SawStop’s new contractor saw includes SawStop technology that stops a blade instantly upon any contact with a finger or another part of the body. The saw also has a new riving knife to minimize kickback and a low-profile guard.
SawStop, LLC

Bacteria Zapping Light
The OZONELite air purification system uses light and a titanium dioxide-based coating to create a photo catalytic reaction that destroys microbes by disintegrating them through oxidation. The maker claims the laboratory tested system eliminates airborne pathogens such as bacteria, mold spores, fungus, viruses, smoke and odors. The Full Spectrum model promises benefits to those suffering from seasonal affective disorder.

Ductless Air Conditioner
The Ductless Mini-Split is an affordable alternative to window-mounted air conditioners that Fedders says is an ideal for use in older homes where installing ductwork can be difficult and expensive. The design features a small, rectangular wall-mounted indoor unit and a separate compressor section that sits outside the home or apartment. Benefits include no loss of window space or light and quieter operation since the compressor is outside.
Fedders Corporation

Heating and Cooling With a Ceiling Fan
The Reiker Room Conditioner is an innovative new product that looks, operates and installs like a high-end ceiling fan yet safely and effectively warms rooms. The device uses four ceramic heating elements housed in the fan unit and a computer controlled transmitter that senses room temperature. Reiker says the Room Conditioner can heat a 20 x 20-foot room using less energy than typical portable heaters and that it has been tested and verified by the United States Department of Energy.
Reiker Room Conditioners LLC


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