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New for the Kitchen and Bath

New products include a sink that cooks, a chlorine filtering shower head and test-driving appliances.

The Sink That Cooks
The Kohler Pro CookCenter offers all the functions of a standard kitchen sink plus steaming, boiling, poaching, simmering, blanching and other water-based cooking tasks. The 36 x 22-inch Pro CookCenter includes a single-basin cast iron cleanup sink along with an integrated cooking vessel, allowing the user to fill the vessel, boil the water and drain the water all from one location. The CookCenter includes stackable cookware, a cutting board and wire mesh colander and is available in stainless steel and cast iron models. The accompanying faucet is Kohler’s ( pullout model in polished chrome.
Kohler Professional Kitchen Collection

Chlorine Filtering Showerhead
The deluxe shower filter removes chlorine from shower water and also filters for a number of other contaminants. It’s easy to install, lasts a year and the filter is easy to replace.
Green Home Inc.

Microwave in the Round
LG Electronics claims its Round Cavity Microwave Oven offers maximum usable space, even cooking and energy savings as a result of improvements in cavity efficiency. And since there are no hard-to-clean corners, the oven prevents dirt and mold build-up along the edges, making cleaning easier and less time consuming.
LG Electronics, USA

Test Drive Your Next Oven
People test drive cars before shelling out thousands of dollars, why shouldn't they be able to do the same before buying a new dishwasher? Several major manufacturers have opened test centers around the United States where homeowners can test appliances in a real-life setting. Bring in a casserole and try an oven or wash a load of clothes. Electronics manufacturers are also embracing the trend, creating settings where consumers can test audiovisual equipment in a residential atmosphere.
Checkbook Magazine

The Maytag Store
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Segment Location—Maytag Store Baltimore

Appliance featured—Maytag JetClean II 3-rack dishwasher
A third rack on the bottom of the dishwasher opens up new space for odd-sized items usually left for hand washing in the sink.

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