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Family Room Redo: From Cluttered to Multifunctional

Elisabeth Butterfield's tiny 12- by 9-foot New York studio is crammed to capacity with clutter. See how professional organizer Gianfranco DiLuzio turns her cluttered room into a multifunctional, attractive space.

Gianfranco DiLuzio makes room for a living space, guest room, home office and Elizabeth's dog, Misa Bella, in one little New York apartment. Read on and learn how he did it.

A breakdown of products used in this project is shown with the last photo.

Looks like the only available seating here is in the rolling desk chair in the right corner.

The first step is to sort through all the mess, categorizing and purging items in the process. Replacing the oversize furniture with smaller, multifunctional pieces is also key and will help establish each zone in the room.

The room now features smart, multifunctional furniture pieces, a must in such a small space.

Replacing the futon is a sofa that folds out into a guest bed and has a storage area underneath. A new, smaller coffee table has built-in wedge ottomans that can also be used for additional seating.

The office area is cloaked in papers--on the floor, atop the work surface and even on the fold-out doors.

Dozens of sticky notes, which serve as both personal reminders and business cards, fill in any gaps left uncovered.

DiLuzio went for a more streamlined workspace, with papers filed neatly into a leather-bound holder.

A less cumbersome laptop and wireless keyboard and magnetic dry-erase boards save a lot of visible space.

The extra-large hutch takes up too much space and makes the room feel smaller.

The hutch in the entertainment area houses the TV, fax machine, clothing and anything else that lands there.

Two smaller cabinets replace the hutch and provide a new home for the TV and fax machine.

Files from the office get stored in the drawers instead of clothes.


Sherwin-Williams paint colors
Gleeful, SW 6709, eggshell finish
Ceiling White, SW 6128, flat paint

The Container Store
mesh letter tray
mesh letter holder
mesh Super Sorter
mesh pencil cup
mesh paper clip/pad holder
small, clear storage case
large, clear storage case

Downtown Furniture
love seat
artwork of Misa Bella

Lillian Vernon
Centro Office lateral file
Centro Office desk
Centro Office chair

Stacks and Stacks
Medusa ceiling lamp
jewelry box with pyramid doors
cube trunk
cube ottoman
dog bed
plastic storage boxes
wall track
three-tier desk shelf
letter holder
stackable letter tray
drawer organizer
clear/silver shelf

Smith & Noble
solar shade

closet system


    • Artwork and commercial decor from Photowow
    • Closet system from Astech Closets
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