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Invisible Entertainment

Hi-tech innovations bring sight and sound to every room of your home.

Home entertainment devices such as televisions and sound systems are finding use beyond the family room in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. But who wants a bunch of electronics cluttering up the bathroom?

Disappearing Television
Seura TV has developed a bathroom mirror that also displays video. Now you can get ready in the morning and catch up on the latest news, or soak in the tub and watch a favorite movie. When not on the unit looks like an ordinary mirror.

Seura TV Mirror
Toll-Free: 800-957-3872

Hidden Wall Loudspeakers
Now you can enjoy surround sound without cluttering up the room with loudspeakers. New models literally blend into the wall. The speaker is installed by cutting a hole in a home’s wall, inserting the speaker so its face is flush with the wall and then spackling the seam and painting over it.

Stealth Acoustics

vendor—Ryan Lampel
Phone: 301-208-0054

Vibrating Home Theater Device
Want to add some excitement to your home theater? Try really shaking things up by adding this seat vibrator that uses the subwoofer output of your system to physically shake the chair during action scenes.

Toll-free: 800-SMARTHOME (800-762-7846)

Interior Designer
Julie Trewhitt Kays
Phone: 310-459-5819

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