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Funky Sinks

Powder rooms have become the focus for self-expression in the home. The latest in unusual sinks include units made from flexible silicone and a sink that's also a fully functioning aquarium.

The Moody Aquarium Sink by Italbrass, designed and manufactured in Italy, was created to give a playful and pleasing atmosphere to the bathroom environment. Moody is both a sink and a self-contained aquarium which can also be used as a terrarium and decorated with sand, rocks and plants. There are two openings, one on each side of the sink top, closed by two decorative glass soap dishes that allow maintenance of the aquarium.

Moody Aquarium Sink Model 9300—MondoBrass, Inc.

Silicon Sink

High Tech Design Products AG

Tree Trunk Sink

In Stone Gallery
In Stone Gallery

Tam Light-Up Sink - no longer available
PSC Bath

Polished Stainless Steel Sink
PSC Bath

Magnetic Soap Holders
Noveletti’s soap holders add an exciting dimension to kitchen and bath design. More like sculptures than a plain soap dish, the holders are made of materials such as patina bronze, granite and stainless steel and suit bathroom styles from elegant to whimsical. They employ a unique design that uses a magnet inserted into the bar to keep the soap dry and mess-free. Featured designs seen include the Petal, Swing, Sunrise, Bloom, Lean and Humm.


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