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Before and After: Apartment Living Room Makeover

How do you give a room a new look with no money? Our redesigners show you how.

Redesigners Mindy Greenberg and Jackie Davis make a living room in a New York City apartment feel much more open--here's how:

  • By slightly angling the sofa from the long side wall, it allows for a view outside and also of the TV that's placed on a console table against the opposite wall. A slipcovered chair beside the table creates a small conversation area.

  • Two chairs are grouped at the front of the room for a secondary seating area. A round rug is placed in front of the chairs.

  • They chose a small green ottoman to act as the coffee table for the sofa because it mimics the round rug nearby.

  • Two chests are positioned on either end of the sofa to balance the visual weight in the room.

  • Wall art is coordinated with the furniture underneath it--a predominantly yellow poster is placed over the yellow slipcovered chair; a mostly green piece of art is hung above the two light green chairs. A large colorful piece is placed over the white sofa to add a dash of color.

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