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Romantic Anniversary Bedroom

Anne and Frank Vasselli are celebrating 25 years with the redo of their outdated bedroom. Student designer Nina Pierce takes their floral room and make it a serene masterpiece with a computer wall, meditation area and a handmade duvet.

A partition wall enables the new bed to be turned, which opens up the space. The sophisticated color palette including purple, copper and gray is a complete change from the previous blue and yellow scheme and the homeowners love it.


Instead of an exotic vacation for their 25th anniversary, the Vassellis were looking forward to a brand new master bedroom. After all those years, it was time for the floral patterns to go!


This furniture was as old as the couple's marriage and they were anxious for a change.


Since a fireplace wasn't possible, a small mosaic-covered area with candles serves as a tranquil spot to spend time.

Anne and Frank Vasselli are celebrating 25 years of marriage with the redo of their outdated crackle bud vases (Mimosa), 3-in-1 copper planter, gold votives with tray, bed frame (Queen Finley) (Bombay Company)
ceiling fan (Home Depot)


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