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Funky Firehouse

A former firehouse becomes a funky home filled with modern touches and antiques.

When Barbara Farrell had had enough of Miami’s hurricanes, she moved into an old firehouse. She fell in love with the gutted old building and saw many possibilities for the 7,000-square-foot structure.

But it was in bad shape. Built in 1887, it had been boarded up and pretty well gutted. Farrell took out the third floor and made it a two-story house with vaulted ceilings. She preserved and reused what original materials she could, like the fireplaces, windows, doors, base walls and exposed brick. She even recycled wood from other parts of the house as the molding on the furniture in the dining room.

Farrell did have to change certain aspects of the building and add electricity and plumbing. The old firehouse is now a funky mix of modern and antique furniture. There is also a wall display featuring fire department memorabilia like hoses, canvas water buckets and fire suits. Farrell even hosts a retired fire chief luncheon every year to honor the people who dedicated their lives to securing safety for others.

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