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AAS Winners

These flowers and vegetables won top awards from All-America Selection in 2005.

These All-America Selections winners for 2005 deserve a close look:

Zinnia 'Magellan Coral', a 2005 AAS winner

'Magellan Coral' zinnia. Radiant color and fully doubly, five- to six-inch flowers on more compact stalks (full height is 15 inches) recommend this new cultivar. Since the new growth covers spent blooms, no deadheading is necessary. Blooms throughout the summer.

'Arizona Sun' Gaillardia. The uniform habit eliminates the ranginess that's common to many gaillardias. Count on flowers all summer long. Great for attracting butterflies and for cutting.

'First Kiss Blueberry' vinca. This is the first blue-flowered vinca (Catharanthus rosea). Large two-inch blooms sport a darker-than-typical eye. Heat and drought tolerant. Size at maturity is about 11 inches tall and 16 inches wide.

'Sugary' tomato. This dark pink variety is said to have a sugar content of 9.5 percent, higher than most other tomatoes. These little guys look like a cross between cherry and grape tomato types--oval with a point on the blossom end. Semi-indeterminate, vigorous growth.

'Fairy Tale' eggplant. Here's an eggplant that's not only petite but it's been bred to have a long harvest period. You can pick the fruit when it's only an once or two or wait till it's twice the weight, and you get the same sweet (non-bitter) flavor and few seeds. Harvest can begin just 49 to 51 days from transplanting. The plant grows to only 2-1/2 feet high and wide, making it ideal for container gardening.

'Bonbon' winter squash. More compact growth and an upright habit means you need a bit less room in the garden; eventual spread is about eight feet. It also matures a week earlier than most other types (81 days). Texture of the fruit is said to be creamy. Weight of each squash: about four pounds.

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