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How to Make a Precious-Metal Polymer Clay Pendant

Valerie Tremelat of Minneapolis is a law clerk by day but she loves to make jewelry.

Valerie Tremelat discovered precious metal clay (PMC) some years ago and loves the fact that she can create a piece of jewelry the day that she needs to wear it. In this project, she makes a PMC pendant.

Materials and Tools:

precious metal clay
Premo polymer clay
lab-grown blue sapphire
polishing paper
liver of sulphur


1. To make the polymer clay stamp: Sketch out the stamp design. Condition the clay and form a round disk.

2. Make a handle and attach the handle to the disk. Make little squiggles of rolled polymer clay and attach them to the disk. Bake the stamp at 270 F degrees for 30 minutes.

3. To make the pendant: Have materials prepared because PMC dries fast. Moisturize your hands with baby oil.

4. Roll out some clay on wax paper. Put a little oil on the stamp and stamp the design.

5. Use a template to cut out the shape of the pendant. Use a straw to make a hole for the gemstone.

6. Dry the clay in a toaster oven at 300 F degrees for 15 minutes. Use sandpaper to get the shape nicely defined and smoothed out, when cool.

7. Roll out a small piece of clay to make the bail and attach, using a bamboo skewer to hold the bail in a nice position. Set the gemstone with the syringe.

8. Make sure it is really dry before firing. Fire in the kiln or using a torch. Once fired, use a wire brush to get in the crevices. Tumble for three hours.

9. Prepare the liver of sulfur: If lump form, crush it up and dissolve in warm water. Use right away by dipping piece in the solution. When you get the colors you like, rinse in water.

10. Use the polishing papers to remove the patina from the areas where you don’t want it. Use a polishing cloth to give the piece a final polish.

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