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Wearable Clay Figure

Debra Gavant of Atlanta sculpts a distinctive piece of polymer clay jewelry.

Having crafted her first "sculpture" at the age of 3, it is no surprise that Debra Gavant would have a broad range of artistic skills as an adult. In this project, Debra sculpts a piece of wearable art.

Materials and Tools:

polymer clay
acrylic paint
metallic paint in gold
metallic pen in silver
crystal gems
super strong adhesive


1. Sculpt the figure in polymer clay.

2. Once dry, paint with any white primer.

3. Paint face and hands flesh color.

4. Paint nose and lips red, and paint pink on cheeks.

5. Paint body, foot rings, and shirt cuffs gold.

6. Paint arms, shoes, hair and eyes with black acrylic paint.

7. Using a silver metallic pen, paint stripes on arm.

8. Glue crystal rhinestones on body with super-strong adhesive.

9. Use leather cord and attach to foot rings to length desired.

10. Optional: Use black permanent marker to make some crystals black. Paint glitter mixed with gloss medium on hat.


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