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Handmade CD Cover

Adah Glenn creates a handmade CD cover with chipboard and felt.

Materials and Tools:

CD or CD package (to use as a template)
card stock
color text paper
color CD label
scrap fabric
string, yarn, trims, charms


1. Trace, cut, and score CD and/or CD package (template) onto chipboard.

2. Glue fabric to the outside of package base (chipboard).

3. Trace desired pattern onto card stock. Stamp and let dry. Then adhere to inside package base.

4. Punch two holes on the line of the scored pocket fold. Insert yarn or string. Glue pockets down.

5. Apply accents, trims, and embellishments.

6. To make the booklet: Trace booklet pattern onto desired paper. Cut, score, and punch holes in booklet paper. Stamp pattern onto booklet paper.

7. Bind paper together with string, yarns, or staple.

8. Apply pictures, tags and embellishments.

9. Adhere content text on the inside front page.

10. To make the CD label: Stamp text and pattern onto CD label. Apply label to disk.

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