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Handmade Journal

Use these step-by-step instructions to make a unique journal.

Project by Adah Glenn, of Los Angeles

Materials and Tools:

8-1/2" x 11" vellum card stock
8-1/2" x 11" vellum paper
colored vellum paper
mini brads
string, ribbons, yarn
manila tags
embossing marker
embossing powder
embossing heat tool


1. Fold cover and interior paper in half. Punch two holes on the center fold.

2. Stamp all paper and tags. Let dry.

3. Adhere ribbon or string to the inside covers.

4. Bind together primary interior pages to cover.

5. Cut peak windows and add pockets to secondary interior pages.

6. Trim off 1/4 inch around the border of secondary interior pages. Adhere to the primary interior pages on the outside edges only.

7. Embellish tags and insert into pockets.

8. Write "Day at the Beach" with embossing ink marker. Sprinkle on embossing powder and emboss with a heat tool.

9. Adhere photos, text, and accents to cover interior pages.

10. Bead binding and book tie string.

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