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Quilted Needle or Earring Holder

Clever book holds quilting needles and, for non-quilters, doubles as a great earring holder.

Deana Hartman of Gardner, Kan., shows us that necessity is the mother of all invention as she makes a beaded and quilted spiral needle book. After needing a last-minute hostess gift for a fellow quilter, Deana used her fabric scraps to create a book to hold quilting needles. And for those non-quilters out there, the book can be used as an earring holder.

Materials and Tools:

various fabric strips, 8" x 1-1/2" to 3-1/2"
colorful strips for fusing
7" x 13" lightweight cotton batting
7" x 13" cotton muslin backing
7" x 13" coordinating cotton fabric
1/4 yard lightweight paper-backed fusible web
decorative thread
2 different colored 5" x 11" pieces wool felt
size #4 sew-on snap (optional)
No. 2 pencil
safety pins for basting
basic sewing supplies
pinking shears (optional)
embellishments: seed and bugle beads, buttons, sequins
Silamide beading thread
#10 milliner’s or straw needle


1. To make the book cover or background: Cut strips for quilt top and arrange for sewing. Cut strips with rotary cutter and mat, in various widths from 2 to 3 inches wide. Length must at least be 8 inches.

2. Sew strips together in single strips, sets of two and sets of four.

3. Cut the book cover slightly larger than what the finished piece will be. It should be approximately 7" x 13."

4. To create the appliqué. Draw appliqué on fusible web with a pencil and cut out roughly. The appliqué shape is not cut precisely at this point.

5. Choose an appliqué fabric. It should stand out from the background/book cover.

6. Fuse fusible web to the backside of the appliqué fabric with an iron. Cut out appliqué pattern precisely.

7. Prepare appliqué by peeling away the paper and placing it on the book cover, centering it on the front. Iron with steam.

8. Make a quilt sandwich. Layer equal sizes of batting and muslin with the needle book cover. Pin with safety pins.

9. Machine sew the appliqué to the quilt sandwich using an open zigzag stitch. Finish the edge of the fused appliqué.

10. Quilt with a straight stitch overlapping in different threads. It gives a nice layered effect but does not require a high level of skill to complete.

11. Trim the piece to 6-1/2" x 12-1/2."

12. To embellish the needle book: Use a basic running stitch (which can be applied to many sizes of beads) and the stop stitch (which is used for sequin and button application) to bead the needle book.

13. To prepare the inside cover: Cut a piece of fabric the size of your needle book. Sew right sides together using a 1/4-inch foot all the way around the needle book.

14. Slit the back cover inside of the needle book and turn right side out. Iron flat. Prepare a piece of fused fabric to cover the slit opening and fuse down. Use pinking shears or a pinking rotary cutter for the fused piece.

15. To add pages: Cut wool felt pages 5" x 11" and pin, centering in the book. Crease to make a sewing line down the center by closing the book. Sew a straight stitch down the middle of the book. A decorative stitching can be added after the initial straight stitching.

Optional: Trim pages in different shapes with pinking tool. Add a snap to close the book.


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