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Peaceful Bedroom

An all-blue bedroom gets an update with additional colors.

Before: A Big Blue Bedroom
Rich and Pam Newton have a new home for their family but their master bedroom has a little too much space. Their old furniture doesn’t quite fit into their new large master bedroom. While visiting the Newtons, host and designer Lee Snijders finds a saturation of blue on the walls and carpets and an eclectic mix of inherited furniture. The couple wants a comfortable, functional room that soothes and relaxes. Pam would like to bring in some green colors and add a desk area while Rich is hoping for bookcases to hold his extensive book collection. Other issues to be addressed are clothes storage and lighting.

After: Contemporary, Romantic Retreat
The wall-to-wall blue is broken up with a serene green on the walls and bedding. The bed becomes the focal point with new linens and a fabric wall behind it. The family photos and keepsakes are organized and elegantly displayed in frames and shadow boxes. Additional furniture helps to organize the couples' clothes and give the room a unified style.

Furniture - $455

  • A new dresser matches seamlessly with the existing dresser; in between the dressers is a new table for Pam to work on her projects. Also, two matching bookshelves are brought in to house Rich's book collection. (computer desk: Wal-Mart - 068502412489; mission-style dresser: Al’s Discount Furniture; bookshelves: Office Max - Atwood 5 shelves, 049279413821/Canyon Oak))

Bedding - $250

  • Lee dresses the bed with a set that features an abstract floral design in blue, cream and green. (bedding: Linens 'n Things - comforter, Perennial 659857121149; Egyptian King sheets, Blue; pillows, Kyoto Tan/7963363164 and Elm/4721878401)

Here are his tips for giving your bed a designer look with a store-bought bedding ensemble:

  • Start with a matching dust ruffle to bring the design all the way to the floor.
  • Use solid-colored sheets with a patterned comforter.
  • Create a sense of height with layers of pillows.
  • Don't toss your old bedspread — insert it into a duvet cover that coordinates with the rest of the set.

Accessories and Lighting - $118

  • The dangling light fixture is replaced with a fan the homeowners' had already purchased. Lee adds some color by painting the embellishments on each blade.

  • Design coordinator Charles Burbridge constructs custom shadow boxes full of Rich and Pam's wedding memorabilia. He enhances the boxes with a coat of the wall paint and embellishes the frames with the same color ribbon used on the curtain panels. The shadow box contents are placed atop fabric-covered cotton batting, which acts as a little pillow to help keep mementos in place. (shadow boxes: IKEA - Ram frame, 14743; accessories for shadow boxes: Michaels)

  • Family photos are framed in inexpensive frames that are enhanced with a coat of stain and polyurethane. Instead of regular mats, Charles cuts acid-free artist paper to fit the frame and secures the photo to the paper with acid-free glue.

  • Two matching mission-style nightstands found in another room are brought in to flank the bed. They're topped with two new table lamps. (lamps: Target - Michael Graves Design, 022011718477)

Window Treatments and Headboard - $110

  • Design coordinator Summer Balzter creates a budget-friendly headboard treatment that is feminine but not "frilly." She hangs custom-made ribbon-trimmed curtain panels from floor to ceiling behind the bed to give the room some visual height and also set off the bed as the focal point. (curtains: IKEA - Wilma, 18709)

  • Matching fabric panels and sheer curtains replace the existing shades. (curtains: IKEA - Wilma, 18709; finials: IKEA - Index, 16105)

Paint and Supplies - $66

  • The walls are painted a mint green color to offset the existing blue carpet.

Project Total - $999

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