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Pink Palace Bedroom

Pink and green liven up a black and white bedroom. Projects include a custom canopy, bench seat and vanity.

Before: Black and White Bedroom
Thirteen-year-old Ashley Umann's bedroom is completely colorless and she's hoping the Design on a Dime team can create a funky room that departs from her parents’ black and white style. Her room is large but lacks any focal point due to the gray walls, black and white bed and dark gray carpet. A beanbag chair and a broken desk seat are the only available seating, which makes it very difficult to entertain friends. Storage is another issue — two garage cabinets have been donated to the room but do little in the storage department since they’re lacking any shelves.

After: Pink and Green Color Punch
A lively pink and green color scheme completely transforms Umann's bedroom. More storage and organization is brought into the room, along with additional seating and a fun canopy for the bed that makes it an attention-getting focal point. A vanity/nightstand is custom created for one corner of the room. Read below for more details.

Storage and Accessories - $499

  • Design coordinator Spencer Anderson gives an ornate gold oval mirror a girly look with hot pink paint and silver leaf. After the pink paint has dried, he applies a coat of spray adhesive and allows it to dry for about 30 minutes until the surface is tacky. The silver leaf is applied to the spray adhesive for a sparkling finish to an old frame. This mirror, along with two others, are grouped over the custom vanity. (mirrors: Cruz Antiques)

  • Apple green and vivid pink storage boxes provide space for photos and games. A wall organizer behind the desk keeps everything in order. (accessories, storage boxes, wall organizers: IKEA - Rabatt, Kassett, Chris Noticebird; storage boxes: HomeGoods - 172821 & 056153)

  • A green rug covers up some of the colorless gray carpet. (floor rug: Urban Outfitters - Green 052108118 09908617)

Furniture - $161

  • Design coordinator Dave Sheinkopf addresses the seating situation with a cushioned bench seat. He constructs the seat out of medium-density fiberboard (mdf) and adds mdf trim pieces (painted a lighter shade of pink) to the sides to give it dimension. Table legs attached to the bottom lift it off the floor and green box cushions make it comfortable. (paint: Behr - Silk Ribbon 110B-5 and Cran Brook 110B-6)

  • Anderson builds a matching vanity and side table out of mdf. The pieces are painted pink and green and finished with tall table legs. He screws the back of each piece directly to the wall for more stability. (paint: Behr - Foxy Pink 110B-4, Hidden Meadow 410B-5A)

    Fabric and Bedding - $139

    • Cunningham jazzes up the bed with a canopy made out of discount curtains and a bed sheet. She uses a bed sheet because of its large size--fabric bought off the bolt wouldn't be wide enough to span the back of the bed and would show a seam. She stitches the sheet to the curtains, which will face inside the room adding color and pattern against the expanse of pink walls. The purchased curtains came with grommets in the top so they are simply hung from the ceiling with cup hooks. (fabric used for canopy, pillows and chairs: Urban Outfitters - 05408118 09908476 & 054108118 10211860 Multi colored; white sheet set: Kmart)

    • The bed is dressed up with a deep pink comforter cover and coordinating bedding. (comforter cover: Urban Outfitters - Pink 054108118 10211860 )

    Paint and Supplies - $107

    • The walls are painted hot pink. (wall paint: Behr - Foxy Pink 110B-4)

    Lighting - $87

    • Two new lamps with contemporary glass bases illuminate the room. (lamps: HomeGoods)

    Project Total - $993


    • Antiques from Cruz Antiques
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