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Polymer Clay Faux Jade Earrings

Alyce Rosenfarb of Brooklyn, N.Y., turns polymer clay into stunning earrings.

Alyce Rosenfarb loves polymer clay. She also loves the fact that she has found a way to turn the medium into stunning faux jade earrings, while fooling all eyes gazing upon them that they are staring at the real thing.

Materials and Tools:

polymer clay
food coloring or acrylic paint
14 metal loops (7 per earring)
10 metal headpins (5 per earring)
2 jump rings (1 per earring)
2 ear wires (1 per earring)
round pliers
high gloss finish (optional)


1. Condition translucent clay with a small amount of white clay. Tint clay with food coloring or acrylic paints. Create variations within each tint by adding more color or more translucent clay.

2. Add a small amount of white clay to each color.

3. Make a mold. Roll three tubes of scrap clay 1/4 inch long. Pinch ends together to create almost fan-like shape. Roll small clay ball and place where three ends meet. Turn flower over and flatten slightly. Bake according to manufacturer’s directions.

4. Wet cooled flower, press into uncured clay and bake.

5. Make flowers (four flowers make one pair of ear rings). Place small ball of green tinted clay in wet mold. Using wet fingertips, move clay away from sides of mold. Smooth back with fingertips. Remove from mold.

6. Make bead mold. Make two small balls of scrap clay, one larger than the other. Flatten slightly and bake.

7. Wet cooled beads. Press into uncured clay and bake.

8. Make beads. Place small ball of tinted clay (not green) in wet mold. Using wet fingertips, move clay away from sides of mold. Smooth back with fingertips. Remove from mold.

9. Count out seven loops and five headpins per earring. Using tweezers, place loops in uncured flowers. Place loops in center pedals facing forward. Place loops in side petals sideways.

10. Using a pushpin, make holes through each bead. Bake along with flowers.

11. Put headpins through each bead. Using round pliers, make a loop on top of each bead and leave slightly open. Attach to side petals.

12. Use a jump ring to connect flower halves. Apply ear wires.

13. Sand and buff, if desired. Apply high-gloss finish on top for shine, if desired. Because all of the surfaces are flat, you can pool a small amount of finish on top of each surface, including beads.

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