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Decorating Dos

Give some thought to the decor of your room and your organizational efforts will really shine. Design and organization are more closely related than you may think, so factor in these tips.

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  • Paint it pretty. Paint is the easiest and least expensive way to change the mood of a room. A soft earthy green, for example, sets a calming tone, even in a busy room. Avoid jarring colors you may quickly tire of and ones that are gender- or age-specific. Otherwise you’ll have to repaint prematurely, which means moving your furnishings into temporary quarters — and then reorganizing the room all over again.
  • Present a united front. Use leftovers from your decorating projects to embellish storage boxes and bins. This will give your room a coordinated look. Wallpaper, fabric scraps, and unused paint can dress up storage boxes or wicker baskets. Easy-to-sew fabric liners add style to baskets; if you don’t sew, look for baskets with ready-made liners that coordinate with your room.
  • Furnish wisely. Get in the habit of looking for little extras when shopping for new furnishings. A bench or a coffee table with drawers is a wise investment, as are ottomans that offer storage space within.

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