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Coastal Entertaining

Homeowners Jim and Diane Fidelibus would like to transform their front yard into a beach retreat with lots of space for entertaining. Designer Karen McAloon draws up a coastal-inspired design that's just what they're looking for.

This yard needs a lot of help. There's no clear path to the front door, no privacy from the neighbors, no place to entertain, and not much of anything except pea gravel.

With silver granite that looks like wet sand, the suburban front yard now has a beach-like feeling. There's space to relax and entertain, and the plants will eventually grow to provide privacy.

There's no focus for this front yard, and seating looks haphazardly arranged.

A new deck creates another "room" for relaxation.

There are now three distinct and inviting seating areas in the yard. Here, a perfect place to enjoy morning coffee.

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