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A French Country Christmas

Tips for putting together your own French country holiday extravaganza with these adorable tabletop trees.

French Country Tabletop Christmas Trees


foam topiaries
foam block
hot glue gun
straight pins
decorative moss


1. Cut the foam block to size so it fits into the pottery. Stick the topiary into the center of the foam.

Figure A

2. Cut six three-inch-wide strips of the fabric. Make two-inch cuts in the fabric to create long strips of fringe. Wet the strips with water, and then toss them into the dryer. Once dry, they'll be bunched and frayed (figure A).

3. Straighten the strips, and then pin the end of one to the topiary, starting at the bottom. Wrap the strip tightly around the topiary in a spiraling motion as you move up the tree. Add new pieces when necessary, securing them with pins. Cut off the excess at the top and pin the end in place.

Figure B

4. Top the tree with a bow glued in place and add a piece of beaded fruit to the center for even more personality (figure B).
5. Finally, pin moss over the foam base to disguise it.

dining room furniture (Pier 1 Imports)
dishes (Kohl's)
wall color (base coat: 2154-50; top coat: 2154-40) (Benjamin Moore)
chandelier shades (Linens 'n Things)


decorative project materials
Pier 1 Imports

decorative project materials

Benjamin Moore

decorative project materials
Linens 'n Things

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