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An Asian-Themed Christmas

See how to incorporate Asian flair into this holiday season. Click for step-by-step instructions for an Asian-inspired ribbon box.

Asian-Inspired Ribbon Box


oak lumber
miter saw
router with ogee bit
luan plywood
wood glue
finish nails
2 small hinges


1. Cut the top and bottom pieces to the same desired size (depending on the number of spools you want inside) using a miter saw, and then soften the edges with a router and ogee bit.
2. Cut the four sides of the box. Make the front 1/8 inch shorter than the back so the dispensing slot will run along the bottom front of the box.

Figure A

3. Use the miter gauge on the table saw to create corresponding slots on the inside of the front and back pieces (make two passes per slot) (figure A). These will allow a piece of luan plywood to slide into the slots, moving freely so that it can be added or removed to divide the ribbon spools as necessary.
4. Put the box together using glue and finish nails, making sure that the edges of the side pieces are hidden by the front and back. With the box upside down, glue and nail the bottom piece in place.

Figure B

5. Cut the luan dividers to size using a miter saw and slide them in position (figure B).
6. Attach the top using two small hinges.
7. Paint or stain as desired.

Eastern-Style Gift Wrapping
Shari Hiller shares these ideas for presents using tsutsami, the Japanese art of gift wrapping:

Two unique holiday trees made out of orange and pink Asian parasols look fabulous against the black background in this kitchen.

Cover a box in three different but coordinating papers. Use double-stick tape to pleat a center band and accent it with raffia roping and an appropriate ornament.

Packages also look nice when covered with overlapping ribbons. A small present doesn’t take much time and the finished effect is wonderful.

Consider attaching ribbons to the box lid only so the design doesn’t have to be ruined to get the package open.

Here's a pretty package that has a ribbon cut to look like a bow. And that's just enough.

Asian-Inspired Ribbon Ideas

Starting at the bottom, pin plaid ribbon triangles to egg-shaped foam to make a ribbon pine cone. Hold a hanger in place with a two-inch hat pin.

Weave ribbons together, and then sew them to a background fabric to make the front of a pillow. Attach the front to a velvet back piece for a festive holiday touch.

This poinsettia is made out of strips of red ribbon topped off with a yellow button and beads. Make several for pretty ornaments or the perfect addition to the perfect gift.

parasols, purse, gift wrap (World Market)

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