Santa's Workshop West

Set decorator Ellen Totleben used her television expertise to incorporate a "Santa's Workshop West" theme at the Godwin home.

  • While a pretty house year-round, the Godwins know their home has plenty of potential with sparkling Christmas decor.
  • Santa will definitely be stopping by this home during Christmas.
  • There is plenty of room to decorate in this lovely lawn.
  • Welcome to "Reindeer Grove".
  • This patio is begging to be transformed into a space for relaxtion.
  • The patio comes alive with a few holiday touches.
  • These pieces of vinyl are available at wallpaper stores.
  • Squint your eyes to find gaps in anything you're lighting.
  • Poinsettias are a wonderful way to dress up the lawn during the holidays.
  • It woudn't be Christmas without a little glamour.
  • Invite Santa's reindeer to play in your yard.


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