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Sweet Smelling Home

A pink florist shop is now a unique home.

When David Lacey first stepped into his future home, he instantly noticed the bright orchid pink wall color: an appropriate color, considering the building's past history as a flower shop. Lacey was hoping the reconstruction process would be fairly easy. Just slap on some new paint, put in some new sheetrock and call it done. He was quick to learn it would take a lot more work to bring the shop up to code.

Lacey gutted the electrical and plumbing systems. He also added a back patio both to meet fire code requirements for a second exit and to use as a relaxing outdoor area. Lacey tried to preserve the old feel of the building with furniture and pieces from the 1950s and 1960s. And the dazzling old flower shop neon sign reading "My Florist" still shines brightly.

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