Florentine Holiday Style

Designer Richard Anderson and host Joan Steffend create an elegant Florentine holiday look using jewel-toned colors and rich textures.

Rose and Ribbon Garland

One garland is cut in half and used on either end of the mantel. Ribbon and roses give it a colorful holiday look.

$24 - Garland

  • garland: Lakeland - Wild Forest Garland, 60070932029

More garland is hung from either side of the arch separating the living and dining rooms.

$44 - Garland

  • garland: Lakeland - Needle Pine Garland Swag, 600709221

$15 - Stair Garland

  • garland: Lakeland - Feather Pine Garland, 76215297020
  • red roses: Lakeland - Cinderella Rose, 74017358123

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