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Quilted Tie-Dyed Wall Hanging

Marquetta Johnson loves working with textiles. In this project, she makes a colorful dyed, quilted wall hanging.

Project courtesy of Marquetta Johnson, Decatur, Georgia.

Materials and Tools:

size 11 sewing needles
22-1/2" x 26-1/2" polyester batting
black cotton-covered polyester sewing thread
pink or orange cotton quilting thread
2 yards 100% cotton pre-washed fabric *
small glass beads
2 oz. bottles Createx or Versatex airbrush colors for fabric: red, pink, yellow, opaque black
rubber bands
2 foam plates
disposable gloves
4 oz. squeeze bottles
paper towels

* pre-washed or prepared for dyeing


1. From the fabric, cut: two 2-1/2" x 18" strips, two 2-1/2" x 27" strips, one 18" x 22-1/2" center piece, and one 24-1/2" x 28-1/2" backing piece.

2. Fold strips wrong sides together in fan or pleated style. Fold and tie with cord or use rubber bands tightly bound around bundle.

3. Fold backing in fan style and bind bundle with cotton twine or rubber bands.

4. Fold center piece in an oval design by folding in half lengthwise. Locate center point of fold, hold it steady, and pleat from one center fold end around to the other end in a half-oval design. Bind every 3 inches with rubber bands.

5. Prepare air brush colors in 4 oz. squeeze bottles using one part paint to four parts water.

6. Place strips and backing on one foam plate and squeeze the airbrush color mixture on it. Make sure it is saturated but not soggy.

7. Place center piece on the other foam plate. Along the length of the bundle on one side, squeeze alternating pink, yellow, and red. Turn over and squeeze black on that side.

8. Trim backing to 1 inch from edge of center piece and batting.

9. Bind quilt by ironing 1/2-inch hem; then fold 1/2 inch over quilt top and blind stitch hem around quilt.

10. Embellish border with beads.

11. Cut a 2" x 22" strip of black tie-dye fabric. Iron edges toward center.

12. Hem sides with running stitches, and sew top and bottom to back top of quilt to form a sleeve to hang on a rod.

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