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Clay Back Massagers

Linda Peterson gives plain wooden handheld back massagers a creative twist. She creates her own from polymer clay, and turns them into them into fun, colorful creatures. A great gift-giving idea!

Project by Linda Peterson.

Materials and Tools:

Fimo Soft polymer clay:
- 4 florescent green
- 1 tropical green
- white scraps
- black scraps
5/8" and 1/4" circle clay cutter
AMACO 3/16" armature wire
decorative-edge scissors
AMACO FunWire: 22-gauge florescent green
Hammerhead America two-part 5-minute epoxy
acrylic floor wax


Figure A

1. Condition three packages of florescent green clay. Roll into a 5-inch-long log. Press an indentation 1 inch from each end. This helps to form head and tail.

Figure B

2. On one end, shape into a ball. Gently roll this ball back and forth until it elongates slightly, forming the alligator's snout. Roll the opposite end into a point. Refine the shape to look like the one shown.

3. Cut the remaining package into fourths and roll each into a ball.

Figure C

4. Flatten white clay and cut a 4-inch-long strip with decorative-edge scissors along one edge.

Figure D

5. Wrap around snout for teeth.

Figure E

6. Roll two 1/4-inch white balls and press onto front of head for eyes. Flatten black clay and press over white balls for pupils (figure E).

Figure F

7. Flatten tropical green clay with pasta machine on a #5 setting. Cut out large circles with clay cutter. Punch out a hole in each circle with smaller circle clay cutter.

Figure G

Apply circles to alligator where desired.

Figure H

8. Cut four pieces of armature wire into 4-inch lengths. Insert 1 inch into bottom of body. Repeat for all legs. Remove wire.

Figure I

9. Flatten the small balls slightly against hard surface and insert end of armature wire into each ball. Remove wire. Decorate with circles if desired

10. Bake all clay parts for 90 minutes at 265 F degrees. When cool, glue wires into body and balls onto opposite end.

Figure J

11. Coil green FunWire around the armature wire (figure J). Allow glue to set. Seal with acrylic floor wax.

Using these basic guidelines for constructing the massager, you can alter the design and create your own knob-footed creature massagers. Don't be afraid to experiment.

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