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Asian-Style Bedroom

Host Joan Steffend and designer Beth Solberg add contemporary Asian style to an ordinary bedroom.

$1 - Paint
The walls are painted light green. Squares of terra-cotta and purple are painted on the wall as backdrops for art. The light green color is carried into the bathroom with a stripe on each wall.

$36 - Headboard, Footboard and Bed Skirt
Three bamboo poles and a piece of lumber are fashioned into a simple frame for the bed. Bamboo blinds are secured to fabric and used for a bed skirt; more bamboo pieces cover the corners.

  • bamboo poles: Jo-Ann Fabrics

$3 - Blinds
Garage-sale bamboo blinds are hung close to the ceiling to make the windows look more prominent.

$15 - Roman Shade
A grass mat is turned into a Roman shade for the bathroom window.

  • grass mats: Cost Plus World Market - 000000352444

$22 - Shower Curtain and Valance
More grass mats are used to accessorize the shower. Solberg paints the valance with Chinese characters that loosely translate into "beautiful, women, shower and water."

  • grass mats: Cost Plus World Market - 000000352444

$25 - Shelves
Three metal light fixture housings are turned upside-down and topped with glass for convenient shelves.

$143 - Duvet
A store-bought silky duvet adds color to the Asian-influenced room.

  • duvet: Cost Plus World Market - 00000356856

$31 - Pillows

$77 - Tansu Tables
Kitchen cabinets are repurposed into side tables that look like antique tansu cabinets. Place mats disguise the tops; oak molding trims off the rough edges. The cabinet doors are painted to resemble drawers and an assortment of handles reinforces the look.

$24 - Place Mats and Hardware
Place mats are tacked onto the plain bi-fold doors for added textural interest.

  • place mats: Cost Plus World Market - 00000328054

$74 - Accessories
A soothing table fountain, new table lamps, a potted plant, floor mat and artwork reinforce the theme.

  • table lamps: Target - 06510090

$42 - Bathroom Accessories
A Buddha statue, towel organizer, framed mirror, storage tins, wall art, soaps and a floor mat continue the look in the bathroom.

$493 - Total Cost

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