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Mid-Century Salon

Host Brooke Channon and the design team work together to recreate the look of a colorful and contemporary lounge designed by Jennifer Constanzo.

For the inspiration room, Jennifer Constanzo used oversized furniture, bold colors and eclectic accessories to create the designer look.

The old room was filled with clutter and almost never used.

The design team modeled the new room after Costanzo's design, and added some additional accessories and accents to complete the transformation. The result is a unique, edgy modern space. Included with the last photo is a detailed listing of the products used in this project.

  • The transformation began with adding a dark red tone to the walls. The design team reupholstered a beige sectional to match the designer sectional found in the inspiration room. The sofa was dressed with decorative silk pillows and patterned pillow obis (Japanese-style pillow wraps.)

  • A matching ottoman topped with green and red ground cover plants perfectly matched the arrangement in the inspiration room. The design team dressed a bamboo table with a lamp and a clay pot with green ground cover. The bamboo table was complemented by a dark wood table. The wooden table was dressed with a floor lamp embellished with white pebbles to add texture. A floral arrangement containing three different types of orchids was also added to the table to add interest.

  • A sisal rug was placed on the floor to simulate the tone of the parquet flooring in the inspiration room. The designed team reupholstered espresso-colored chairs to match the designer mahogany framed chairs. The design team placed red silk accent pillows to match the pillows on the sofa.

  • An abstract laminate painting with earth tones was the perfect stand in for the acrylic print found in the inspiration room. The original antique Chinese stacking tables were replaced by wrought iron stacking tables.

Product Information:
bamboo side table, red silk accent pillow, wire basket for orchids, ottoman tray - Ross
lamp - Target
lampshade - Bed Bath & Beyond
artwork, stacking tables - Z-Gallerie
floor lamp, oatmeal-colored curtains - IKEA
white pebbles - Michaels

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