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Bottle Cap and Resin Earrings

Thanks to Karen Peterson for this project and her commitment to the environment.

Materials and Tools:

2 bottle caps (generic)
"N" scale model railroad figures
vintage watch parts
hobby tweezers
black paint
small paint brush
jeweler’s glue
Ultra Glo two-part epoxy resin
small graduated plastic container
wooden tongue depressor
small propane torch
Dremel tool with small drill bit, sander attachments
Niobium earring wires
small pliers
wire cutters
protective equipment (respirator mask, rubber gloves, eye protection)

Figure A


1. Paint inside of two generic bottle caps with black paint (figure A) and allow to dry thoroughly.

2. Select figures and watch parts for "tableau" and arrange in bottle caps.

3. Glue parts into place using jeweler’s glue and let dry.

4. Don protective equipment. Mix two part epoxy resin per manufacturer’s instructions using wooden tongue depressor and graduated plastic cylinder.

Figure B

5. Pour epoxy into caps (figure B).

6. Using propane torch, pass small flame over the poured caps to evacuate bubbles. If any bubbles remain, use toothpick to pop them.

7. Let resin cure until completely hard.

Figure C

8. Using Dremel tool, drill holes through top edges of caps (figure C). Sand any rough areas or burrs.

9. Using pliers, attach niobium earring wires.

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