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Traditional Living Room

Host Brooke Channon and the design team work together to re-create the look of an elegant and refined living room created by designer Beryn Hammil.

Designer Beryn Hammil created the inspiration room using a cheerful colorful palette and sterling silver and brass accessories for a traditional-style designer look.


This humdrum living room needs to be updated to a more grown-up, sophisticated living area.

Makeover Room, After: $2,697

To successfully accomplish the makeover, the design team broke down the project into smaller parts. Here are the details of the steps involved:

Step 1: The dingy fireplace gets a fresh coat of glowing white paint and a cheery yellow tone on the surrounding walls. To complete the look, the fireplace was decorated with silver bowls and trays, antique reproductions and vintage books.

Step 2: To recreate the round table of the inspiration room, a seamstress was enlisted to replicate the silk-viscose blend tablecloth. The table with its unique, grazing tablecloth displays family photos and silver accessories.

Step 3: A cream colored sofa replaced the Bellagio-style camelback sofa of the inspiration room. The sofa was dressed with handmade plaid and striped pillows, and the design team reupholstered a foot stool to coordinate with the rest of the seating area.

Step 4: The team refinished a cherry coffee table with an antique faux finish and dressed the table with silver candlesticks and a sherry service. The fireplace was accessorized with silver bowls and trays, antique reproductions and vintage books.


blue and white bowls, crystal vase
round table, matchstick shades, window hardware
JoAnne Fabrics
metallic drapery
The Bombay Company
Antoinette side table

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